NBA Premium Clipboard

Everything you will need to dominate the NBA season in one place! Click the CLIPBOARD button below to download the viewable Excel sheet with all of our projections and tools. Along with these things, all showdown/main slate lineups or lineup discussion will take place in our Premium Discord Channel. For the invite link to the channel, click the PREMIUM DISCORD button below. Premium Video access will be available and posted in the Discord as well. Just be on lookout! Thank you for joining Heating Up DFS Premium and if you have any questions, concerns or suggests, feel free to DM me on Discord/Twitter or send an email!
**If you wish to make any changes to the NBA Premium Playbook Excel file, just create a copy by clicking FILE -> SAVE AS -> DOWNLOAD A COPY
**Click the link above! To receive the invite our Premium Channel, DM @HeatingUpDFS#8243 on Discord. Let me know your Heating Up account information and I will add you.
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